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Cognito Sanchez

I’m working on a graphic novel for ages 7 to 10 called COGNITO SANCHEZ: DIVE ANOTHER DAY. I like to describe it as James Bond meets Zootopia with a mockumentary twist.

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Get Down, Gibson!

Get Down, Gibson is a quirky, comic-style picture book available for acquisition.

At the pet rescue, it’s love at first sight. At home, it’s a slightly different story... When things get off to a rocky start, who will win in an outlandish and hilarious battle of wills?!

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Mr. Buttons

When a smarmy crow falls in love with a duck-shaped hot tub chlorinator, things don't go as planned.

Lucy & Maverick at the Magic Lake

Lucy & Maverick

A lazy summer day has the unexpected in store for Lucy and her adventure cat Maverick.